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Sunflower seeds a healthy choice?

are sunflower seeds a healthy choice for a snack, if im looking to lose a few pounds and currently watching what im eating, are sunflower seeds a healthy choice? as a snack for the day?

Sunflower seeds a healthy choice?
Yes they are healthy, but watch quantities as they are high in natural oils.

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How do I harvest sunflower seeds from the sunflower to plant next year?

Last year, right before they moved, our neighbors gave us some sunflower seeds to plant. They got them from sunflowers they grew in their garden. Well, we planted them, and WOW! Beautiful sunflowers grew! Tall and large blooms. They are in a vase now, and I want to get their seeds and plant more for next year. How do I get seeds from these flowers? Do I cut the big blooms, dry them somehow? I am NOT a green thumb gardener, so the more detail the better for me! Thank you in advance for your suggestions. (I wish I could post a picture, they are just beautiful!)

How do I harvest sunflower seeds from the sunflower to plant next year?
I just laid my sunflowers on a table on the back porch.Took a couple of weeks. They dried out and I sorta bent them backward and the seeds came out. Next time I will try hanging them upside down. Thats how I dry my herbs. Just curious to see how they do that way. Some people put the head of the flower in a paper bag and tie a string around it. There is really no trick. Just keep them dry. We laid some outside and watch the birds have a feast. They had NO trouble getting the seeds out. m
Reply:Hang them upside down in cool dry place and place newspapers on the ground or floor under them. The flowers should dry in a couple of weeks and then you can harvest the seeds.
Reply:They're supposed to be harvested when the back of the flower head turns from green to brown. Before that, the seeds may not be completely ripe, and so may not germinate.

Then let the heads dry completely. Shake out or pick out the seeds when very dry, put in a clean glass jar or other container, and store in a cool, dry place until time to plant next year.

Enjoy them!
Reply:And most important, put them in a place impenatrable to squirrels.
Reply:Wait for them to dry out and just gather the seeds. That's it. They should grow just fine next year. The bloom will wilt by itself anyway. You can cut if off when it starts to hang. Just set it out and it will dry by itself.

Sunflower seeds? Important question?

How does the sunflower company get the sunflower seed to be JUMBO? They really are JUMBO compared to the other one!

Sunflower seeds? Important question?
There are two kinds of sunflower seeds black oil (small) and confectionary (striped and large).
Reply:The variety of the flower that produces them.

Are Salted Sunflower seeds harmful to Hamsters or can they eat it? thank you?

My hamster likes Sunflowers, but the Food I buy her comes with so many different Varieties....and little of sunflower seeds...and she seems to pick through her food just to eat sunflower seeds...mostly....besides the fresh fruits she gets here and there...

Are Salted Sunflower seeds harmful to Hamsters or can they eat it? thank you?
No salt for Hammy . You can get unsalted ones.
Reply:Yes, salted sunflower seeds are bad for any small animal. The extra salt is not needed by them and they can get kidney damage from the extra salt. They should only get them unsalted for treats actually. They are very high in fat and cause obesity if given too many. In turn an obese hamster may become diabetic and will need a very strict diet. If she's picking through her food for them, best thing to do is remove them all together and give them as a treat a few at a time.

I can be emailed for a list of food for a Syrian hamster or for a diabetic/dwarf hamster. They are two different lists so let me know what breed of hamster you have. Email me directly at and not by my profile. Yahoo Answers doen't provide enough space for the information I have.
Reply:you can buy them unsalted. then they would be safe.
Reply:i would avoid the salty ones. see i you can buy unsulted ones and just give them as a special treat. They are very fatty
Reply:Don't give your hamster salted sunflower seeds. The salt will make it very thirsty. Buy plain sunflower seeds. You should be able to get them from any supermarket. They usually come deshelled. My hamsters love them!
Reply:i wouldn't give them to the hamster. Not only because of the salt, but sunflower seeds are very fattening for them they are usually processed with some type of oil. Stick with the one specifically for little critters.
Reply:Not him unsalted, raw seeds. Can find them with the birdseed.
Reply:Don't give them the seeds (be on the safer side)
Reply:Actually salted sunflower seeds are ok to feed to a hamster.Though you don't want to over do it.Feeding them a few each week in my experience has never caused them harm.Their natural metabolism wont allow them to retain water or get fat.They make mineral stones for hamsters which contain salt.Salt is a natural part of their diet when in the wild.They can die if they don't get the proper amount of salt as well as a few other minerals.In case you wish to be organic with your hamster they do require animal protein for their health.

Sunflower seeds and sprouting help!?

OK i want to sprout sunflower seeds for my bird but i am using sunflowers seeds that are in a package for use to eat and i planted some in a shell and some not in a shell will those acturally sprout cause they are from a bag to eat!? and hmm also will apple seeds from a real apple sprout same with black watermelon seeds will they sprout thanks?!!

Sunflower seeds and sprouting help!?
for the sunflower seed if they were cooked no. if not the ones in the shell will sprout. The apple seeds should under no cercumstanes be givin to a bird. water mellon seeds will sprout.
Reply:Sunflower seeds - depends on the processing.

It is best to go and by planting seeds rather than the roasted and salted ones.

Apple seeds will sprout.

Watermelon seeds should sprout, but it depends on whether it is from a hybrid.
Reply:Don't offer apple seed or watermelon seed sprouted to your birds at all. They're toxic.

For the sunflower seed. There are many ways you can sprout them. The already shelled ones will probably not sprout %26amp; any other sunflower or other seed must be fresh to sprout.

For best nutrition for birds they should only just be sprouted, alternatively you can soak the for 24 hours for good nutrition.

Also don't over do it the sunflower seeds, try all kinds of others too as well as things like mung beans, peas etc.

You can have a look at this sprouting website.

get well flowers

3 more sunflower root questions *PLEASE HELP*?

ok....i have 3 more questions on sunflower roots please help me

1.what is the purpose of the root?

2.what color is the root do they look? ( diagaram if you can find one!)

3 more sunflower root questions *PLEASE HELP*?
By "sunflower" do you mean Helianthus annuus?

If that's the case, it's a dicot-type taproot. Big main root, with lots of little root hairs and secondary roots branching from it. The root hairs are the things that do the primary nutrient and water absorbing, because of their high surface area. Sometimes these roots can be associated with mychorrizal fungi to enhance nutrient and water uptake, but i'm not sure if this particular species does.

They're usually a pale white/tan/brown color - NOT green, because roots usually don't photosynthesize.

That's a typical dicot taproot. The dandelion (taraxacum) on the page is in the same family as helianthus, so it wouldn't suprise me if they were largely superficially similiar.

I love sunflower seeds, and i think i am addicted to them lol..?

Is it bad to eat a lot of sunflower seeds? Would this make me gain weight? TY

I love sunflower seeds, and i think i am addicted to them lol..?
Not unless you eat buckets of them. Actually sunflower seats are quite healthy snack. So much better than munching on potato chips instead- and they are full of vitamin E.

High protein, low carbohydrate diets are here to stay; thus it is even more important than ever to make sure they are full of naturally healthy foods such as sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds are the best whole-food source of Vitamin E. They provide an ideal heart-healthy profile, are high in protein, and naturally low in carbohydrate.

So, keep on munching, my friend.
Reply:You will most likely gain weight if that is all you eat. They are full of fat, but also a lot of other good stuff for you.

Try pumpkin seeds sometimes and you will change your mind as to which is best.
Reply:You might retain water from the salt, but the seeds themselves are nutritious...I'd much rather be addicted to sunflower seeds than some other things out there!
Reply:if you eat the ones covered in salt your blood pressure is going to go through th roof
Reply:no and no and yes and no
Reply:Sunflower seeds are good for you.

More people should be eating them. Much better than potato chips.

You'll be getting: Fibre, protein, vit E, magnesium, selenium and phytols that lower your cholesterol.


(You're not really addicted unless you go into withdrawal when you don't get any! ;-)
Reply:Sunflower seeds are amazing, but I would not eat them constantly, because a large amount of any substance can cause constipation and that's not very much fun. So enjoy your sunflower seeds in moderation, and don't worry about gaining weight. enjoy=)
Reply:No it won't it will just make you dehrayted from all the salt
Reply:Just wait till the flower grows out of your ****!
Reply:its not bad, but it might be hard on your stomach. it won't make you gain weight, becuase it is just fiber. do eat it all day long though.
Reply:they can but not much.
Reply:I thought I was the only one who noticed that sunflower seeds are addictive! lol! I think that they kinda make your nerves bad too. Just eat them in moderation. Too much of anything is not good. Too much salt can lead to dehydration, high blood pressure and heart disease. Drink more fluids when you have the desire for the sunflower seeds, eventually the addiction will go away! That's what I did and it worked for me!
Reply:Hahahaha, my mom used to have the same problem....haha, she would get them like everyday and eat them and have the shells in cups in her car, all over the place x3.She's stopped,You'll get tired of it soon..