Monday, May 17, 2010

Can i eat the shell of a sunflower?

my mom once said that she began to eat the sunflower shell and it got lodged in her throat for two days. it cut her throat and that made it swell up, she almost suffacated. is it really ok to eat the shell?

Can i eat the shell of a sunflower?
i wouldn't if i were you, there's no reason's not like they taste good. just spit them out.
Reply:Chew it well lots of fiber
Reply:Yes, sometimes I like to eat the shell but like your mom said, you have to be careful because some sharp pieces can lodge in your throat.

I would only eat the shell if I was eating them one at a time and making sure they were thorough chewed. I wouldn't do it the way some people take a handful of peanuts and chew them up all together.........guaranteed you'd be running into problems.

There's really no food value in the shell so there's not much point to eating it anyway. If its just the salt you like, try buying the already shelled salted sunflower seeds.
Reply:you can but why would you want to.
Reply:I had the same type of thing happen with a potato chip the "sharp" edge of the chip irritated my throat . It didn't cause as much of a problem as the one that your Mom experienced however it was still scary. I have eaten sunflower seed shells with no problem. Just don't eat them if it worries you.
Reply:Oh my gosh, read what you just wrote and answer this yourself. It made no sense. You stated your mom began to eat a sunflower shell and it got lodged in her throat for 2 days now my counteract on this is don't you use your teeth to break open the shell and take the seed out and begin to chew it, right? Unless you meant she swallowed it whole and it got lodged and if it got lodged she would have been in the Emergency room for it to be removed. Plus, she could have drank water to wash it down. Anything that gets lodged or stuck in your throat you cough it out or gag it out. It's just my observation about this question. Some people are allergic to sunflower seeds and this is why it may have felt like it was lodged in her throat and swelled up. It's ok to eat the shell cause you will be chewing it like if you were chewing the seed itself. That's why some sunflower seeds shell are flavored with ranch, spice or vinegar so people can eat them. Why don't you try it yourself and have a glass of water to drink if it does get stuck? This way you can answer your own question. It's no different when you get a nut stuck in your throat or other food particles.
Reply:I always eat the shell...the shell contains lots of fiber and other vitamins. You just have to know how to eat it really. You have to chew it up pretty good...make sure you feel no sharp edges in your mouth before you swallow or you may wind up with more problems that it's worth. If you can't do that or just don't want to then just buy the kind that are allready deshelled is all.

The shell is edible though and normally results in no problems when eaten by adults. DON'T give them to children!
Reply:you can, that may happen to you too, they are hard and sharp but they are also edible.
Reply:you can eat it but i heard if you do and then poop it hurts idk i'm too scared to do it lol
Reply:i eat them all the time.just chew it real good

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