Monday, May 17, 2010

How many flower heads can one sunflower plant have??

Well I accidentally planted a sunflower seed and it grew to have 17 total (for now :)) flower heads.It's very unusual to me so has anybody heard of this or knows wether its a mutation or there is such a type of sunflower?

How many flower heads can one sunflower plant have??
There are some sunflower varieties that grow multiple flower heads. I don't know the name however, but it is not a mutation. I had one sunflower plant that was at least 10 feet tall and I stopped counting flower heads after 20.
Reply:There are also wild species that do that..I'm looking out of my window now at one that has 20 or so on it...and another on the side ofmy house the same way..they are wild self voluntary plants not from bird seed..we have them all over the p[lace here in Central Texas..
Reply:what are flowerheads?
Reply:I grew one like that once... it wasn't as tall as an average plant and had a flower at each point where there was a leaf. The seed came from wild bird seed... I imagine it was a strain chosen, or a mutation created for large scale production.

I have a pic around here somewhere, did have seeds - more than 8 yrs ago now. Take a pic of yours if you can %26amp; save some seeds when ripe... they're cool !!
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