Friday, May 21, 2010

How do i remove sunflower oil stains from my T-shirt?

I accidentally splattered some hot sunflower oil on my T-shirt, i've washed the thing and it hasn't removed the stain can anybody tell me how to get rid of the stain or is that the end of the T-shirts life span?

How do i remove sunflower oil stains from my T-shirt?
1. Spread fabric/garment on a flat surface with the oil based stain facing up.

2. Sprinkle any type of baby powder (cornstarch or regular) generously over the stain. Don't be stingy with the powder

Let the powder rest on the stain for several hours or even overnight.

3. Brush or shake off the excess powder.

4. If the oil/powder residue raises up on the fabric, scrape it off, reapply powder and then let fabric rest again.

5. Wash or dry clean as usual.

6. If washed, check the spot before placing the fabric in the dryer.

7. If the oil spot is still there, rubbing alcohol might remove the spot, but alcohol could also lift the color so TEST in an inconspicous spot before using.
Reply:Try to iron it with good brown paper on top of it. It normally pulls out stains
Reply:i use pears soap its g8 for oil stains.just dip in water and then rub on the clothes then wash as normal.
Reply:In South Africa we have a product called HANDY ANDY. It is a surface cleaner with an ammonia base. Spread some of this on the stain and leave for about 30 minutes before adding to your normal wash. If the stain is persistant, just repeat the process. I have removed oil stains from all washing (table cloths, clothing, tshirts, etc for years. It does not bleach the fabric and leaves no residue markings. Good luck.
Reply:i would have said the brown paper bag trick but unfortunately you washed it first, i don't think there's much hope for it now, you've set the stain.
Reply:It may not be possible, but you could try squirting with washing up detergent first. Rub it in then wash in the usual way. Another way is to use a hot iron and put brown paper on the tee and iron over ther stain until the oil is in the paper instead.
Reply:try with some baking powder add a little water to a tablespoon of baking pwder and let it soak in then wash on 30c at first just in case the stain does´t come out first time the heat you add to a stain the harder it is to remove
Reply:Make a paste of Dawn and baking soda. Apply it to the stain and let it sit overnight. Then wash as usual.

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