Monday, May 17, 2010

Can rabbits eat sunflower plants? Mine just has, will he be ok?

My naughty bunny has eaten one of my sunflower plants, (which I had grown from seed) that I was growing in the garden, will he be ok? He seems fine but I just thought I should check!

What other plants in my garden should I watch out for? If its poisonous will he eat it anyway? or do they have a natural instinct to avoid bad plants?

Can rabbits eat sunflower plants? Mine just has, will he be ok?
They have a pretty good sense of what is toxic, but not completely. He shoudl be fine with the sunflower plant. It was so nice of you to grow it for his snack! lol

They shouldn't et any of the lily family (bulb plants) or juniper or yew..

Here is a list of plants that are toxic to rabbits%26gt;

Sunflower isn't on it..
Reply:You want to be careful how much the rabbit eats when it comes to sunflower seeds, if the rabbit ate them as sunflower seeds are very fattening.

While most rabbits are fat, too much fat is still not good for them.

Reply:he will be fine. even you can eat sunflower plants. it wont be tasty, but it wont kill you.

most animals are smart enough to avoid bad plants. but just check online what are dangerous.

i live in africa, so i cant help you with the plants. sorry.
Reply:they use sunflowers in pig and cow feed so im sure he,s gonna be okay.

rhubarb leaves and eggplant leaves are toxic.I grow both in my yard and the wild rabbits never touch the i think they know better. last year i was over run by wild bunnies. I was worried about the garden but they didnt bother it .Know what they did eat though? My MARIGOLDS! everyone of them right to the ground! I plant alot of marigolds because they keep insects away from other plants.( they have a chemical that ants and earwigs hate) but apparently the rabbits love them.haha.good luck.%26gt;%26lt;%26gt;
Reply:yes he will be fine they can eat most plants.
Reply:if you want to know what plants are ok or not, just look on RWA website. It has a comprehensive list of all edible and poisonous plants.
Reply:I was as concerned as you are when Thumperess went chowing down on my mother's garden plants it was like an all-you-can-eat buffet for her. Fortunately I picked her up before she ate anything more than the first plant. So I searched for a site that will inform me of any kinds of plants that could make her sick or worse, kill her. This one helped me a ton. Check it out it has ALL plants (and what parts of them), with their pictures, that could harm bunny . Hope I was of help.
Reply:Definitely he will be fine. Rabbits can eat all kind of plants.

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