Monday, May 17, 2010

Is it safe to eat the whole sunflower seed,shell an all??

I eat alot of sunflower seeds... They have become my new snack... But Im not good at eating the seed so I eat the whole thing... Is that not good for you?? Is it safe??

Is it safe to eat the whole sunflower seed,shell an all??
It seems they would be unpleasant to swallow
Reply:I have heard that some few people do eat the shells...I would never! If you have no inherent problems such as pre disposition to abdominal or intestinal problems such as diverticulitis. The shells are rather rigid, pointy and can splinter, causing any number of things to happen from perforation, to impaction and infection. So split them between your teeth, spit out the hulls and chew the seed! Practice makes perfect!
Reply:I wouldn't it can do damage to your intestines if it gets stuck in between some place it can cut it up and can cause an obstruction.

One of my bro in law's friend ate the shells of seeds and a part of his intestine ended up dying and had to be removed and the doctor said it was the shells that did it.
Reply:I know alot of folks that do that...and they haven't died..they just get alot of Fiber there!! : ) really i don't think it will hurt you, but why not just buy the seeds already out of the hull? or you just like that extra salt? go ahead and eat them shells and all....and i hope your drinking something with
Reply:they can cut your mouth up. they are easy to shell in your mouth when you get the hang of it - but did you know that Sunny's (sunflower seeds) are addictive?

I've heard that they can cause you to have appendicitis if you eat shell and all - not sure if that's true!
Reply:I don't know how safe it is, but i have done it all my life and I am an older lady..............and I haven't ever had any problems with it.................... and OH how I wish I could eat them, but in Australia I can't get them salted in the shell................what a rip
Reply:I'll tell you like I tell my kids you swallow the shell you will grow a sunflower out your a$$...That seems to stop them from doing it...Eating the whole thing chewed properly should not harm you but why chance doing harm in the long run..?
Reply:I used to do that all the time as a kid, and it never hurt me. I don't do it anymore though because it hurts to swallow it, and it can be hard to swallow, but You'll be just fine.
Reply:Yea, that's how I eat mine. The only unsafe thing is how much it hurts when you accidentally swallow a shell that wasn't chewed up enough!
Reply:its not good for you if you eat tons of them. but if you jest swallow 1 or 2 its ok. eventually if u swallow too many it could mess up ur intestines tho
Reply:o gosh that's the only way i eat them!! i must have the shell! lol i think it's ok, plus there must be extra fiber or something!!
Reply:I have read that some companies are grinding them up and putting them into things to increase fiber.
Reply:It's safe, but I hate eating the hull.
Reply:I havent heard of anyone getting sick of it.
Reply:oh i dont know but i eat the whole thing
Reply:yes it's safe
Reply:i dont thin that it is safe un less you like being constapated my lil bro did that
Reply:i cant see why it'll kill you ahha

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