Friday, May 14, 2010

How many flowers can grow on one sunflower stalk.?

I had planted sunflower seeds. So far there are 2 flowers growing on one stalk and it appears there are going to be several more. I have only seen them with one flower.

How many flowers can grow on one sunflower stalk.?
It really depends on the variety of sunflower. Some sunflowers will produce multiple small heads on one stalk, while other more common varieties only have one stalk and one head.

I have a a few planted around my yard. some are single head mammoths (but for some reason one is getting 2 heads), but I also have smaller varieties in one corner that are reddish orange with several small heads all over them.
Reply:Most of the time, they grow with only one blossom. If you pinch back the top, called the "apical bud", then you'll get more blossoms from the lateral buds, which are at the juncture of the stem with each leaf. They may not ALL make flowers, but you will probably get several.
Reply:It depends on the type of sunflower you are growing. The bigger types usually have 1 big head, but then a few small ones may grow here and there. I don't know much about smaller ones, since this is my first year growing anything other than the 10-12' sunflowers. This year I am trying the 4' sunflowers.
Reply:Generally, just one flower grows on one stalk. However, there is a variety out there that does have a lot of flower heads on one stalk. They are usually smaller flower heads though. I had one that had at least 15 flower heads on it!
Reply:1, I thought
Reply:It might be something else because I grow sunflowers and have only have one head (flower).
Reply:i........there probly coming from diff. stalks

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