Friday, May 14, 2010

Is it bad to eat the shell of a sunflower seed?

i ate a few sunflower seeds (shell and all).... cuz i always do, but a couple of my friends said it was bad for me, and they said a sunflower could grow in my stomach.. i dont really believe that, because obviously my stomach acid will break down the shell when it's in there. But should i be worried at all that i ate the shell??? thanks in advance~

Is it bad to eat the shell of a sunflower seed?
shouldn't be worried just don't do it again....first of all you don't know who has had their hands alll over it adn second, it could clog your bowels eventually! :)
Reply:of course it can't grow in your stomach(no light) it won't hurt you at all and is an excellent source of fiber-just chew them well !
Reply:Ummm, I don't think it will hurt you, but it doesn't sound very tasty.
Reply:It's not a good idea and in fact, you should make sure that if you eat the sunflower seed shells from sunflower seeds, you have extra time and anusol and a spoon on hand to dig the partially digested shells out of your bunghole.
Reply:it wont hurt you but you shouldnt do it , it becomes like slivers and can cut your bowels
Reply:It's obviously false that a sunflower would grow.

There shouldn't be MUCH of an issue, if it's only an occasional thing, since your stomack acid will break down most of the shell. However, if you eat the shells particularly often or in large quantities, it could pose some problems for you, as it can tear up parts of the digestive tract.
Reply:you should be careful the next time...if you keep eating sunflower seed shells they will eventually cause you problems in your digestive system...
Reply:I think you should buy your sunflower seeds already shelled!

I heard when i was little that sunflower seed shells could give you appendicitis, but I don't know if that's true or not! I seriously doubt it. They are very sharp though and common sense would tell you that you shouldn't eat sharp things!
Reply:Just to be on the safe side, I wouldn't. But I like sucking on them cuz they're salty.

The only danger would be how sharp they are and they could cut something on their way through the digestive process..
Reply:No you shouldn't be worried. It is a good source of fiber.

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