Monday, November 16, 2009

Can I feed my Hamster sunflower seeds from the supermarket?

I was wondering if I could feed my Dwarf Hamsters sunflower seeds I bought from the Sporting Good Store (supermarket)?

Can I feed my Hamster sunflower seeds from the supermarket?
Sure. But don't forget to give it it's regular food as well.
Reply:You can, but I wouldn't recommend it, because sunflower seeds that were made for human enjoyment usually are salted, and that's not good for a hamster. You'd be better off getting him the unsalted ones specifically packaged for hamsters at the pet store.
Reply:I THINK so! maby not! I'm pretty sure though!
Reply:Yes you can. I did it and he liked ie so you can feed them it.
Reply:As long as they are unsalted they should be fine..
Reply:ONLY if there is no salt nor preservatives.
Reply:yes but only original flavor
Reply:Eeeh, be careful...they may have added too much salt for the little guys, or may have some sort of flavouring with goodness knows what kind of preservatives/chemicals that might be bad for them.

If you want to stay on the safe side, just purchase unsalted or seeds that are meant specifically for pet consumption.

Good luck with your pets!
Reply:they contain too much salt. Maybe unsalted organic seeds

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