Saturday, November 14, 2009

Can you eat sunflower seeds with braces?

My son is getting braces and since he can't chew gum, he wants to know if he can eat sunflower seeds

Is it okay to chew gum with braces, some people say no and some say it is okay, and also is popcorn okay, thanks

Can you eat sunflower seeds with braces?
Sunflower seeds are small and not an issue with braces so yes he can.

Orthodontist do not recommend chewing gum with braces however if you child does, just make sure that it is SUGAR FREE...that will keep the gum from sticking to the brackets.

Popcorn is okay just be very careful with the kernals...they will break brackets.
Reply:I ate whatever I wanted but extra careful and in small quantities for the banned foods. I wore braces for 2 years and 4 months with zero incidents. I chewed gum like normal, if it got stuck on the brackets, I would just ball it up, since it sticks to itself and would come right out, if that doesn't work, try to get as much out as possible them brush.
Reply:sunflower seeds will be fine providing he has some tooth picks handy. lol. and for gum, as long as he can keep in away from the braces he'll be fine. if some gets tangled in the braces, just pick it out.
Reply:Many people do chew gum with braces but you shouldn't. It can stick to the braces and you may need to have your orthodontist remove it.

Sunflower seeds should be ok as long as he's very careful or he could get the shelled kind. Popcorn is usually ok but the hulls can get stuck.
Reply:no, but i eat them anyways! lol! how old are u???lol
Reply:Sunflower seeds probably are not the BEST thing to eat w/ braces but, I have braces myself and eat things like sunflower seeds, gum and popcorn and have not had one bad incident.

So, I would say yea, its fine, but take some caution something bad could happen.


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  2. thanks that was useful information for me! im getting braces next month and im scared!