Thursday, November 12, 2009

Can eating sunflower seeds whole hurt you?

I eat sunflower seeds whole (chew them) .. can it hurt your insides?

Can eating sunflower seeds whole hurt you?
Not at all, I do it all the get the nutrients from the shell!!!
Reply:no it will not I do the same thing !!
Reply:The hulls are not edible and shouldn't be eaten as they could damage your intestinal tract since they are not digestible. Either spit out the hulls or buy them shelled.
Reply:I wouldn't think so.

Its just like eating part of the seed.
Reply:dont eat them hole crack them open eat the seed out and spit the sheel out !
Reply:They probably won't hurt you as long as you don't have diverticulosis. Diverticulosis is when pouches form in your intestine walls from too much pressure inside them, and eating seeds, nuts, popcorn, jerky, and other things like that can irritate the pouches and cause them to become inflamed (that's when it becomes diverticulitis and it can cause the pouches to burst--which is an emergency).

To prevent diverticulosis, keep yourself well-hydrated and eat enough fiber to keep the pressure in your intestines low.

Enjoy those sunflower seeds! The outisde parts are similar to the part of popcorn that we can't digest, and we still eat that safely.
Reply:I would think so .I would think it could tear your intestine and cut your rectum , maybe even leading to an infection coming out.
Reply:It might tickle when it comes out but won't hurt you.

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